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Hawthorne Experiment

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Throughout the Hawthorne experiment, Maya had realized that ‘communication is the best way to motivate employees in workplace. Unlike the Scientific Management and bureaucracy, which just giving orders and requirements and treat the workers like machines' (Pugh&Hickson,1989 ,p155). In 21st millennium organization, employees have the rights to express their feelings and opinions towards the organization. So, in this perspective, ‘managers have to make sure that their workers have the ability to socialize as well as have technical skills' (Badol. Tein.Matthews&Martin 2005. P43).

‘Today's organization is depends on effective communication to ensure business success' (Richard L.Daft 9th Edition p.535). For instances, ‘Starbuck Coffee ensures all its policies and procedure are communicate between employees and managers. Besides, their managers allows their employees to give suggestions and complaints, therefore Starbuck Coffee can improve from their weaknesses and improved its effectiveness. Besides that, the managers also conduct daily and weekly interviews to listen to their employees wants. Yet, the reason why Starbuck Coffee could be so successful because it is so well-operating. Managers show their respect to employees by treating them equally and also offer a lot of benefits to employees rather than incentives. Starbuck Coffee is able to communicate with their employees efficiently as they conduct a survey, interview and receive feedback. That's why they could understand the needs and the wants of each employee' (

Another best example of a successful organization that using Humanistic Perspective is OCEANZ seafood Ltd, which is the biggest company in Seafood Company in New Zealand. ‘ They could be so successful is because their managers are so respecting and concerning about their employees and working along with them and give


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