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The Complexities of Modern Life

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Selfie or groufie? Twitter or Instagram? Lodi, petmalu, werpa!!! Hello everyone. Good morning. This is Kyla Marie  and this is a pep talk about the complexities of modern life.

“Millennials”, a by-word in this last generation of man.  A short, simple word yet connotes a deeper sense of meaning.  Being a millennial differs according to the values and perspective of a man. Are you a pessimist who sees things negatively or are you an optimistic person who always have good thoughts about everything? If you would ask me, I’d rather say I’m neutral because I always keep in my mind that everything in this planet has its good and bad sides.

Unfocused, lazy, narcissist and entitled. These are some of the accusations thrown to millennials. Hovering around the modern technology most of the time and are often oblivious to the world around them.  59% of Instagram users who use different apps everyday are Millennials. And this is a fact. Uploading millions of new photos to the social media daily consumes more time than we think. Research shows that a single selfie can take up to 12 minutes to create.  This includes planning, staging, capturing, selecting the best version, editing, and writing a caption. No wonder 12 minutes is not at all surprising. Indeed, a waste of time without knowing it.

However, youngsters claim that this is becoming the most educated generation. Record shows that more than 34% of millennials have bachelor’s degree, which is the highest of any generation, so far. This makes it the best weapon to tackle the tasks that lie ahead.  Oftentimes, youths are optimistic about the opportunities that academic pursuits will ultimately afford, and always accept challenges for them to be globally competitive in all aspects of life.

Millennials, though oftentimes oblivious and addicted to modern technology, are generally, the most educated and competitive.

This is Kyla Marie B. Maderazo, the amazing Millennial. Thank you and good morning.


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