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Snow Night (a Modern Snow White Adaptation) Vs Snow White

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In Snow Night it seems to be suggested that women have more power and freedom than was indicated in Snow White. Snow White is a very naive, helpless character who does not make her own decisions and seem to feel that she has a duty to the Prince. Snow Night, however, is a very feisty girl with a fighting spirit and a willingness to stand up for herself. She knows what she wants, is determined and won't let anyone dominate her or push her around. For example, she tells her maid that if her Father tries to make her marry the Huntsman she will "run away". Snow Night marries because both she and Prince Charming were "delighted with each other" whilst Snow White marries a Prince attracted to her beauty. Snow White does not have time to get to know him, she seems to follow Prince Charming out of duty only. However, the men still dominate the women in both stories. It is Prince Charming after all who comes to woo Snow Night, it is men who save her and she hints that her Father might try to make her marry the Huntsman. The Huntsman seems shocked that she would refuse him, almost as if he feels she has no right to reject a man, and he exercises his physical power over her too.

The Character "Snow Night is":

- Snow Night is very feisty and determined, with a fighting spirit.

- She knows exactly what she wants

- She is a dog lover

- Kind and compassionate

- Pretty

- Very grateful to her step mother and the dwarves


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