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Sociology Basic Term Essay

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Hello, friends. Long time no see. My spaceship suddenly broke down and I fell onto the Earth in which we call ‘blue planet’.When I woke up, there was a girl next to me. Surprisingly, I could understand what she said. I told her what happened, and the girl got so excited to teach me about human world. First, I was in California, U.S., and I spoke in English as my language on the Earth. Oh, the human name is Sharon. She is from South Korea, and came over to this country to study abroad. She invited me to her house, so I followed her.

I noticed that she lived with a group of people known as 'family'. One bizarre thing I noticed was that her family members spoke different language from what she was speaking to me. Sharon told me that the reason why they were speaking in different language is because her family is from different country. The people from where she is from normally has black hair and brown eyes, while most of the people that lives in this land has blond hair and blue eyes. In this country, however, there were even more people with different appearances; there were people with dark-brown skin with black hair. These different diversity was called “race”, Sharon said. She told me that “race” is not a genetic thing, so it is not real, but the humans created this concept in order to differentiate themselves. Anyways, there are some special days on Earth called “holidays”. I saw Sharon’s family doing some rituals (some kind of memorial service) and preparing tasty food. I also saw an ancient mirror that Sharon told me her ancestor used; it was a family artifact. I asked her why her family was doing all this. She said that celebrating Korean Thanksgiving Day was a folkway for her family. The value of this holiday was to hope for great harvest and cooler autumn. The ritual was to let the spirit of her ancestor eat the food on the table and would thank the family by granting them their wish. She said that these rituals only happen in Korean-American subculture. This means that her family is part of the culture in the U.S., her family is different from them in a way that it still maintains the Korean culture, and thus is part of the subculture.

After few days,


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