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Short Essay - Confusing English Terms

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Short essay on creating accounts to download papers from a self-named “free” paper site.


There are too many casual and/or slang references that could confuse someone who may even understand English fairly well. There are also sports references that could be misunderstood. The following terms could be misinterpreted by the receiver: haggling, royally turned off, shoddy, take the bull by the horns, playing ball, score big, give it your best shot, fire off, ASAP, and 3/8. It needs to be written much simpler, from a professional standpoint and especially since it is intended for someone in another country. Perhaps it could be written:

“Because of intermittent negotiations with one of our subcontractors, we have not written you yet. Their merchandise was not high quality, their reasons did not seem truthful, and they were not nice to some of our customers. Since we have a good name to keep up, we decided to see if you would be interested in bidding on the contract for spare parts.

By doing business with us, you should benefit. Please send us a price list as soon as you can. We will need it by the 8th day of March if you would like to be considered.

Thank you”

Main idea not summarized at the beginning, steps listed all together, changes are “you based”, closing did not reinforce.

“A new procedure for all equipment repairs will replace the “Equipment Repair Form”, helping us make repairs faster and better keep track of the repairs.

The old form was not electronic, and was difficult to keep track of. The new database will streamline the process, and is located at Once there, please follow the following steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Indicate the repair you need
  3. Choose “Create New Ticket”
  4. Enter the specific problem
  5. Attach the printer ticket to the equipment
  6. The warehouse driver will pick up and deliver the equipment


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