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Role of Simple Communication in Anna Hazare's Movement

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Role of simple Communication in Anna Hazare’s Movement.

Two boards were communicating the message. One had the slogan Azaadi ki doosri ladai.

The second had listed out the 11 major differences between the government's version and Team Anna's version of the bill. It was so simply written that a taxi driver, who had also been looking up at the board with me, turned and said, "Agar member of parliament aur member of legislative assembly ko vote khareedne ke liye nahi pakad sakte, to kya faida?"

No better indication that the board was serving its purpose.

Lesson: Keep your message simple, direct and catchy.

Subscription to the movement is easy. All you need is an I am Anna topi and lots of patriotism. Language, religion, caste, age, gender no bar.

Most slogans are in hinglish India's unrecognized national language. There were Sikhs, Muslims, Hindus, Christians who stood up to claim that they were in it together. So did the Gujaratis, Marathis, Biharis and Tamilians, and men and women of all ages.

There is no registration required. No need to learn jargons, or fear missing the fine print, or providing proof of your Indian citizenship or Indian-ness, or accumulating loyalty points by fasting for a minimum number of hours to be considered a bronze, silver or gold patriot.

Lesson: Make it easy to sign up and use simple communication methods. .

Case study:

Balaji is working for a restaurant in Panchgani whose owner was an NRI who conversed only in American English. The hotel started with a lot of fanfare and had good business in the first month. Initially the workers who hailed from the various parts of rural India were enthusiastic and customer friendly. Slowly they realized


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