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Case Study of Sammy

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The theme of my assignment is a case study of Sammy. Sammy is a girl couldn't get into a university because she didn't get a good result in her public examinations, afterwards she went to the college without any thoughts just because of her parents pushed her to have further study. Actually, she doesn't like studying and feeling confuse of discovering of her interests, and like to compare herself with the others. Moreover, her parents usually go home late because of work, therefore they have less time to communicate. Besides Sammy had conflicts with her parents, she thought silence is better than quarrels.

The purpose of this assignment is to find out what are the problems that Sammy has based on my knowledge, list out the possible solutions that I would suggest to solve the problems, what I have learned from this scenario and how I can apply these into my own life. I've divided my assignment into four parts: the problems in between Sammy and her parents, the possible solutions to solve the problems and referring Sammy's case to my own life.

The problems in between Sammy and her


I'd like to start by focusing on finding out the problems in between Sammy and her parents.

First, Sammy and her parents have different view of points in Sammy's further study in college. The choice of further study in college was selected by Sammy parents wants, but Sammy doesn't like studying. It shows that Sammy's parents are Authoritarian parents and they are lack of consensus with Sammy, this will easily cause less communication between two parties because both of them think that the others misunderstand themselves, therefore they become less communicate with the other party especially the different view of points.

Second, Sammy doesn't knowing herself well, has lower self-esteem and confidence. She doesn't know what she like and dislike, therefore self-esteem and confidence are difficultly constructed. In case study, it shows that Sammy compare herself with someone who she thinks that is better than her, this is the evidence of lack of confidence.

Third, Sammy and her parents are lack of communication and haven't a good understanding of each other, therefore conflicts are easily to occur and more rapidly by time goes on. In addition, Sammy thinks silence is better than quarrels; it may cause Sammy's pressure continuously to increase until she cannot afford. If Sammy's


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