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Case Study Xerox

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1) Diversity means inclusion and innovation which is achieved through a diverse workforce of people of all different race, genders, backgrounds, and sexual orientations. This company understands that diversity is directly related to success. In the beginning it started off as racial diversity in the 1970s, then gender diversity in the 1980s, and in the 1990s it began to include sexual diversity. They have a culture starting at the corporate level that understands that it takes diversity to constantly keep up with the times and meet the challenge of inciting innovation and development of new goods and services (John R. Shermerhorn Jr., 2012).

2) Some reasons that Xerox should stay motivated to diversify their workforce are as follows. Xerox has been a leader in the industry for years. It needs to stay that way by keeping a diverse workforce because diversity is directly related to creativity. Staying an industry leader also requires the constant innovation that diversity brings. Being a well-known diverse company will attract a greater range of people from different backgrounds for new jobs. In turn, this will also bring the most qualified people to the company. Supporting diversity also curtails discrimination which makes for a better work environment, and cuts down on corporate liabilities. With a diverse workforce there is more sharing of information from all different perspectives which will ultimately lead to more productivity as well (John R. Shermerhorn Jr., 2012).

Xerox developed its own internal affirmative action office in the seventies. This grew to incorporate sexual and gender inclusion. They are an equal opportunity employer which includes 50% of the workforce being a minority or female. Xerox has strict discrimination policies as well. With the inclusion of women in the workforce, Xerox developed a form of “flex time” that allowed for a better work/home life balance which has increased productivity. They also extend benefits


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