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Airbnb Case Study

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In this research, I will focus on the company, economic, turnover, and structure evaluation of Airbnb. I will also try to emphasize Airbnb's equity and corporate risk; Pestel, Swot, Market, Analysis and the Bowman Strategic Clock are discussed at last.

Airbnb, the 2008 business portal based in San Francisco, California, USA offers data on house lease and online booking procedures through the Internet and phone. Airbnb UK Insight Report (2017) shown that Airbnb activity is spread in the UK, with almost 2,500 towns, towns and cities— in 2016 168,000 visitors— a total of 5.9 million. Airbnb UK Insight report (2017). On the one side, the scheme allows individuals to register their space and receive additional income for rent. On the other side, Airbnb offers the opportunity to buy one of the components of the host, save them cash and enable their tourists to function with local people. In over 190 nations all over the world, Airbnb is a mandatory travel company.

The research shows that an increasing percentage of people appear to choose Airbnb while travelling because Airbnb is much more personal and pleasant than dining' formal provisions.

Company History

Two of Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia, who both shared a tiny apartment in America in a town called San Francisco, brought the business to the business in 2007. They were both unemployed and struggled to make their lives for themselves. During the difficulty, during an agricultural architecture meeting, they had the chance to get additional money, but they realized that every motel in the town was loaned out. The three aerial mattresses were placed in your sitting space and leased for $80 per evening to meeting participants. Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky were hired to develop a portal to provide locals with vacant spaces in their house and to tourists who would need a location to live in. to take advantage of this chance to create a profitability company. He was raised in Airbnb (Salter, 2012). In the 2008 research initiative YCombinator, Gebbia, Chesky, and Blecharczyk requested financing for the first $20,000. Their first seed investment of $600,000 was obtained in 2009 (Austin, 2011). By 2010, they had arranged 700,000 evenings in their A Round series, earned $7.2 million, and then introduced an update. (Colorado, 2011). The first global bureau in Germany was set up in 2011. (Bradshaw, 2011) and a few months ago created an extra $112 million. The firm announced in August 2014 that the fresh round of financing had been completed for 475 million dollars, with the valuation of the business set at 10 billion dollars (Austin, 2014). Airbnb has presently more than 800,000 lists in more than 190 nations and more than 20 million enrolled customers ("About Us," 2014).

Airbnb’s Growth Rate

The company's expansion is seen by the development of registration volumes, the increase in customers and the increase in finance.

As Figure 1 shows, since the original seed funding stages in 2009, the business has been through four financing stages. The quantity of financing has increased 61.5 occasions from 7.2 billion dollars in the 2010 Series A Round to 450 million dollars in the 2014 Series D Round. Financing development means an increase in the assessment of the company.


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