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Ai Makeup System Market Analysis

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Thesis Module


Wang Qingqing

  1. Background Introduction
  2. Questionnaire survey content


Li  Bin

  1. Abstract
  2. Product introduction


Liu Juan

  1. Abstract
  2. Acknowledgement


Wang Junpeng

  1. Conclusion
  2. Recommendations


Xue Hanmei

  1. Results
  2. Discussion

Faculty:Su Yuanzhang

UESTC University

April 13, 2019


First of all, We would like to thank our teacher, Mr. Su Yuanzhang, for his brief and thoughtful guidance on how to carry out an innovative product conception, design and research in a short period of weeks. His humorous and lively teaching methods are reserved for us.  We were deeply impressed and greatly expanded our way of thinking and benefited us a lot.  Secondly, thanks to the close and harmonious cooperation of the whole group, all members have exerted their own subjective initiative in the process of teamwork, actively thinking and participating in the design of each link.  Finally, we are proud of the families who support us in this work. Without your support and encouragement, our team will not successfully complete this paper in a limited time.  Thank you all!

(ii)Executive Summary

Abstract: With the increasing pace of modern life, perhaps no changes has characterized the past decades more dramatically than the speed of people’s lifestyles. Makeup spends a lot of time in people’s daily life. The author indicated this AI make up system to save time, and used a questionnaire to acknowledge customer’s demands. The results shows that more women aged in 30 to 50 spend within 15 minutes to make, and 2/3 percent people like Japan or Korea styles, and they would like to accept the price of lower than 2000RMB.


1.Introdction        5

2.Project Outline        6

Company Profile        6

Product Description        6

3.Research Methods:        7

4.Rseults        9

5.Discussion        9

6.Conclusion        9

7.Recommendations        9

8.References        10

9.Appendices        10

(iv)list of tables and Illustrations


Background of the AI makeup system

Nowadays, more and more people have no enough time to do a delicacy makeup. Not only for common, but also for actors and actresses, they all lived in a rapid speed in most of time, especially in the morning or whey they make a film. Now that, problems occur when they goes in a hurry life?


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