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Nutrition Diet Analysis

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Nutrition Diet Analysis

In life, many people participate in various daily events and activities that help them enjoy being who they are. People may enjoy getting together with friends, going to the mall, going to an amusement park or simply finding relaxation in nature. However, a big part of everyone’s life is of course eating and many people find pleasure in doing so. Eating is a very enjoyable and delectable must for everyone but should be done so, like everything in life, in a smart and intelligent way. Being smart and perceptive when eating is a large part of nutrition. Throughout the Diet Analysis Project, I was able to analyze and inspect my diet to examine what I was eating, what types of nutrients I was getting and how much exercise I was participating in over a three day period. Through this three-day period, two of the days were back to back and the last was a weekend day. I then compared all aspects with my recommended levels of nutrients for my dietary recommended intake and the calories burned through exercise versus my calories consumed through what I was eating. I needed to ensure the nutrients I was getting would allow a good fit for staying healthy and reaching, but not overextending, my needed nutrient levels. I found some very interesting facts that pertained to my diet that were good and then some that needed work and serious altering.

Some main nutrients in which I am at risk for deficiency include: dietary fiber; water; vitamin B6; Folate; vitamin C; vitamin D; vitamin A (RAE); vitamin A (IU); vitamin E; magnesium; potassium and zinc. Obviously some of these are much closer to satisfying about seventy percent of my daily needs than others. The diet in which I recorded is very accurate as to my typical diet at this point in my life. Sometimes I may have a bowl of oatmeal in the morning or have a glass of water at dinner, which would obviously raise some of these values


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