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Diet Analysis Project

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Izabela Parczynski

February 9, 2014


Diet Analysis Project 1

The intake of my calories changed day by day. The first day which I started, Wednesday, my calorie intake was 852 calories. The second day, Thursday, was 1125 calorie intake. Friday I had the total calorie intake of 1597. Each day the calorie intake grew bigger and bigger.

I tried to consume each day the recommended pattern of intake. I tried not to skip meals. Fortunately for this project I did a good job. Usually I skip meals because I do not have time to eat all 3 meals. I try not to snack too much because I usually grab something that is fast and unhealthy for your body.

My calorie intake is not the recommended 2000 calorie intake, but what I think it is acceptable for me. I do not have time to exercise, because I have too much school work and a two year old running around the house. The workout I get every day would probably be running after my son and trust me it is a lot of work.

I feel guilty for not eating the recommended amount of everything. In one of my day I managed to eat every bit of grains, vegetables, fruit, dairy, and protein. But of course with my busy schedule I do not have time to make myself eat the recommended amount. Some days I did not eat even a little bit of fruit and vegetables.

The food group that I managed to exceed the recommended amount was grains and protein. I am Polish and in my culture we eat a lot of meat and grains also. My mother cooks traditional Polish food and I love her cooking. I also love meat and anything that I eat has to have meat in it. I also like to eat breads, for example, bagels. I can eat them all day with cream cheese.

I have noticed that I consume a lot of empty calories. On the first day I consumed 161, second day 301, and the third day 335. I think that


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