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Industry Analysis Project

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ndustry Analysis Project:

Using the tools from the course (e.g., process analysis, capacity analysis, platform economics, etc.) perform an analysis of how changes in technology (such as the rise of "Cloud Computing") create potential opportunities and threats for that industry. How do you expect infrastructure and operations to change as a result of the technology change? How will the fundamental economics of the industry change (fixed, variable costs, # of participants, ease of entry and exit, competitive intensity, network effects, winner-take-all dynamics, etc.?) Also address the infrastructure choices and, most important, the challenges facing the managers of a selected firm (or a group of firms) in the industry. Essays will be evaluated based on the degree to which you carefully perform a careful analysis and carefully argue for a point of view.

Note that a SWOT (Porter's 5 force analysis) is not being requested.

Some possible firms and industries to analyze include, but are not limited to:

Government monopoly posts such as the United States Post Office

Local Electricity Distribution companies (Entergy)

AT&T now that Apple is opening its platform to Verizon (and possibly others)

Future of stock exchanges (consider recent NYSE acquisition by Deutsche B├Ârse)

Bricks and mortar media outlets (consider the Borders bankruptcy)

The future of the paid media industry (local and national newspapers such as the New York Times, magazines, and other media)

Future of Facebook

Topic choices are due by March 28. The maximum length is 5 pages of text backed up by no more than 3 pages of


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