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Industry Analysis Progress Report Coffee Flavoring and Syrup Manufacturing

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Industry Analysis Progress Report Coffee Flavoring and Syrup Manufacturing

NAICS/SIC: 311920 2087

Table of Contents

Industry Findings 3

Product Demand 4

Resource Cost and Availability 5

Technology 5

Macroeconomic Environment 6

International Competition 7

Government Policy (federal, state local) 8

Define the Type of Structure for This Industry 9

Who Are The Major Competitors In This Industry? 10

How do firms differentiate themselves from one another? 12

Partnerships/Collaborations 13

Firms and Countries in the Industry that are Particularly Successful and Unsuccessful 14

Marketing Mix of Firms in the Industry 16

Product 16

Price 16

Place (Distribution) 17

Promotion 18

The Future of the Industry 18

Coffee Consumption 19

Substitute goods 20

Major Threats and Opportunities in the Future 20

Recommendations 21

References 23

Industry Findings

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, after water. It is also the world’s most traded consumable good. The United States consumes one fifth of the world’s coffee which means that it is the world’s top consumer. However, it is only on the 16th place when it comes to the intake of coffee per capita; the first place goes to Finland. In the United States, people who drink coffee spend about 18 billion dollars annually. That means the average amount a person spends on coffee is about 165 dollars per year. “The National Coffee Association states that on average, 54 percent of the American adult population drank coffee beverages daily in 2009.”There has been a growth of 104% in the fair trade coffee sales between 2004 and 2007. Another significant and interesting development is Canada’s large increase in fair trade consumption. Their annual use of coffee has grown from 425,000 kilos to five million kilos within only six years. Mexico is the world’s biggest producer


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