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Industry Analysis

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a) Industry analysis- trends and environmental factors

- Impact of technology resulting in the shift towards more electronic toys instead of the old mechanical ones

- increase in demand for more educational toys to enhance learning abilities in infants and toddlers

b) Nature and extent of demand

Customer analysis

- Developed country hence more working adults which result in shorter family play time

- Kids favoring electronic toys

c) Competitor analysis

Kiddy Palace (Differentiated marketing)

- Wide variety of products including baby care, maternity wear thus targets different market segments

- Limited amount of toys

d) COB analysis(TOWs, positioning and differentiation, target segment)

-Concentrated marketing? (Only toys catered to kids mainly under the age 12)

-More for more?(better quality and more variety for greater price)

-mix of image and product differentiation (created an image as THE shop for toys with the greatest amount of toys)

e) Product/service analysis pricing, lifecycle, distribution

- Prices higher compared to competitors /main menu bar/articles 2/articles by others/toy industry past present and-future/

a) Industry analysis- trends and environmental factors

- Impact


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