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Choosing Right Grocery Store for the Diet and Nutrition

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I learned that The Lempert Report recently reported on the N.G.A. and Supermarket Guru 2010 National Consumer Survey that found four out of 10 consumers find the availability of health information to be ‘very important’ when choosing a grocery store – this sheds light on the fact that consumers are experiencing a lack of trust and clarity when it comes to interpreting nutrition facts on their own. The lack of trust does not bode well when the majority of shoppers (51%), as found by the 2010 National Consumer Survey, are reading ingredient lists and scanning for preservatives or additives. The FDA recently reported on findings from a consumer survey and found that 54% of shoppers read labels the first time they buy a product, up 10% from 2002. With the majority of shoppers reading labels and an increase in reported confusion, The Lempert Report believes there are five key areas that will help consumers better understand the facts.  Diet and Nutrition is when Added sugar provides empty calories and is believed to be a leading cause of diseases that kill millions of people each year. A large part of the population is not getting enough omega-3 fats from their diet. Avoiding a deficiency in these essential fatty acids may help prevent many diseases.  Teen weight wise smart food choices deals with Different people need different amounts of calories to be active or stay a healthy weight. The number of calories you need depends on whether you are male or female, your genes, how old you are, your height and weight, whether you are still growing, and how active you are, which may not be the same every day. Healthy eating involves taking control of how much and what types of food you eat, as well as the beverages you drink. Try to replace foods high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat protein foods, and fat-free or low-fat dairy foods. Make half of your plate fruits  and vegetables . Dark green, red, and orange vegetables have high levels of the nutrients you need, like vitamin C, calcium, and fiber. Adding tomato and spinach—or any other available greens that you like—to your sandwich is an easy way to get more veggies in your meal. Choose whole grains  like whole-wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal, and whole-grain cereal, instead of refined-grain cereals, white bread, and white rice.


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