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Nutrition and Wellness - Analysis of Cho

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Daniel Mustafa Jr.

Nutrition and Wellness


Writing Assignment: Analysis of CHO

A lot of people spend their days checking and trying to keep tabs on their carbohydrates. They then try to determine whether or not they’re going to eat a certain food or not. Almost every single food menu at a restaurant, every food label on foods, and all other things along the lines of those almost always contains the amount the carbs within that product.

When someone goes out to eat, they may be able to find the amount of carbs somewhere by that food item. While other people are focusing on eating too many carbs, I feel that I may be eating around the recommended amount. During the time of breakfast, I eat roughly 50g of carbs all together. My breakfast typically consists of some fruits, and a cup of milk, along with 2 slices of toast and 3 eggs.

Sometimes I’ll attempt to switch my food menu up. In the rare occasion of that happening, I will try to eat a breakfast burrito, a bagel, or something along the lines of that. It is a relatively rare occurrence that I feel hungry in the mornings. So, I try to stick to foods that are small. I tat least try to eat a little something so that my stomach doesn't hurt. For lunch, I eat about 80g of carbs all together. I try my best to at least eat a lunch that was larger in size compared to my breakfast, especially when I go somewhere. After lunch, I sometimes get hungry a couple of hours before dinner. Around this time, I eat a snack. Today, I ate. I drink water all day about 2 sandwiches and drank water. some variation of pasta.

At dinner, it depends on what my mother plans to make. Often times though, we eat some variation of pasta. That usually has around 80g to 100g of carbs due to


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