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Dell Incorporated Case Study

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Dell , incorporated is a computer hardware manufacturer and distributor, was founded in 1984 by Michael Dell who was a university student. The company is one of the world's largest computer distributors in terms of both quantity of units sold and gross income, and one of the United States' largest corporations(What is DELL ). The company was successful that changed into Dell Computer Corporation instead of PC's Limited in about two years, and listed in Fortune 500 after seven years by 1991.

Recently Dell hammer at software business and this essay is evaluated Dell’ management strategy around this topic, it include determine the organization’s mission and goals, formulating strategy based on SOWT analysis and the five forces model. In the final of this essay, I will give my conclusions.

2.Dell Management Strategy

2.1 Determine the organization's mission and goals

According to the John Swainson, who was brought on to head Dell's software division in February, the Dell try to reinvigorate software so that the market range is the most important. As report said, "Swainson's mission is not to launch a standalone software business within Dell, but to build a software unit that can complement and augment Dell's existing products ans services".( Neil McAllister 2012). From the definition of textbook, the first step is determining the organisation's mission and goals which a mission statement is a broad declaration of an organization's overriding purpose,(Waddell et al., 2011). this statement is intended to identify an organisation's products and customers as well as to distinguish the organisation in some way from its competitors. Comparing with other competitors such as SAP and Oracle which are big, established business software players, Dell's goals is the companies that have between 250 and 2000 employees which Swainson calls "midmarket" customers ( Neil McAllister 2012) since has been historically underserved. This plan is definitely a corporate-level plan cause it contains top management's decisions(Swainson' decision) pertaining to the organisation's mission and goals. Also, the corporate-level goals require a long term plan which need at least five years or longer than that to complete it, so the time horizon for this plan might be t is very important for Dell to save the cost and time and could earn more profits.

2.2Formulating strategy

Before developing strategies, analysing an organisation's current situation is necessarily for formulating a relevant strategy for Dell.Formulating strategy could help managers understand the factors internal or external of an organization, in the task and general environments, that may affect the organisation's ability


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