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Dell Computer Corporation Case Study

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Dell Computer Corporation is the largest seller of PCs from around 170 countries in the world. Dell is a global information technology company that offers its customers a range of solutions and services delivered directly by Dell and their selling direct approach proved appealing to growing numbers of customers worldwide during the 1990's as global PC sales rose to record levels. And that they could understand the customer needs and provides the most effective computing solutions to meet those needs. Dell is also holding company that conducts its business worldwide through its subsidiaries.


• Founded in 1983 by Michael Dell at the age of 18

• Began selling upgraded PC's and add-on components from the dorm at the University of Texas

• In its 15th year of operation, ranked 2nd in the US and worldwide PC market in 1999

• In 1987,Dell started business in UK

• In 5 years on, they opened 11 more international operations

• In 1995, construction began on the Asia Pacific Customer Centre in Penang, Malaysia

• In 1996,Customers begin buying Dell computer via internet at

• In 1997, 1st Pc manufacturer to offer free installation of applications software as a standard service option and they overtaken IBM and became 2nd largest supplier of desktop PC's World wide

• In 1998,Xiamen manufacturing and service centre ( China Customer Centre) was opened

• In 1999, Dell introduce " E-Support direct from Dell" online technical support

I. Time Context

September 1999

II. Viewpoint

Aaron Loke

Director of Marketing

III. Statement of the Problems

A. Major Problem

• Dell Company needs to implement properly their direct selling strategy in the Chinese PC market.

B. Statement of Minor Problem

• Poor marketing strategy in China

• Dell focused on three customer groups such as large corporate accounts, preferred accounts division and home and small businesses

IV. Statement of Objective

A. Short Range Objectives


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