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Dell Incorporated Case Study

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Dell Inc.

May, 7, 2011

Company overview

Founded in 1984, by current CEO Michael Dell, Dell Inc. has consistently grown into the global company it is today. They are currently the second largest producer of personal computers. Dell held 12% of the market share at the end of the first quarter in 2011 (Tech Report, 2011). Hewlett Packard was ahead of Dell at 19% and Acer was behind them at 10.2% respectively (Tech Report, 2011). The organization currently has over 100,000 team members worldwide. Over the years Dell has branched out into other markets as well. Some of the other major products produced and sold by Dell include:

1. Servers

2. Data storage devices

3. Software

4. Network switches

5. Computer peripherals (, 2011)

These products are produced and marketed through Dell and other subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include: Alienware, Dell Canada Inc., Dell Financial Services LLC, and Perot Systems Government Services Inc.

Dell Inc’s future plans include capturing a greater portion of the major portable computer market. They also have plans become significant players within the smart phone market. Dell recently put the finishing touches on their smart phone plan and entered the market earlier this year. By the end of this fiscal year, Dell hopes to capture a significant portion of the smart phone market. Other technology being looked at for future ideas is 3D technology, multi touch technology, and assisting in healthcare technology.

Fraud Committed

In 2005 the Securities and Exchange Commission began a probe


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