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A Consistent Ethic and Sexual Abuse

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In the beginning of the reading, McGreevy gives a brief history of Joseph Bernardin's life and his impact within the Catholic church and Society; it portrays how he and his teachings are later found and influence modern-day issues, specifically the Sexual Abuse Crisis. Bernardin, among other Bishops, were actively particpating in the heightened debate regarding abortion due to upcoming Presidential elections (as well as many other socio-economic issues); through this involvement, he developed the idea of a "Consistent Ethic" which supported the notion that there is a link between all of our life 'issues'. To further portray this idea, one of the references listed in the chapter quotes Bernardin saying "No one is called to do everything, but each of us can do something." The action of using evil to achieve good is very prevalent within the linings of modern society; helping the homeless is pointless if you allow the abortion of their children. Right before his death, he made a final public statement directed towards the Supreme Court stating "If Americans continue to legitimate the taking of life as a policy, one has a right to ask what lies ahead for our life as a society." Through this first section, McGreevy specifically quotes and references various sources for further reading.

While Bernardin's beliefs were still actively utilized, the Catholic Church experienced a crisis that far surpassed anything it had previously dealt with or had a reasonable solution to. While the sex abuse scandal first surfaced in Louisiana during the 1980's, it was kept private as much as possible. That was until January of 2002, when the scandals had the archdiocese of Boston and Catholic Church making media history. A short 6 months later, the accusations rose to outstanding numbers; more than 200 priests were accused of sexual abuse; two victims were allotted nearly one million dollars, which drained the archdiocese of nearly all of their funds. Multiple resignations occurred, there were two reported suicides and one shooting; many priests who were deemed 'cured' were reassigned, and continued to repeat the crime in another location. McGreevy put a lot of emphasis on the reassigning of priests, condoning it as one of the most crucial mistakes in this crisis. Bernardin had endured enough from the public and media and proceeded to develop an archdiocesan commission to review the churches records, as well as a lay-dominated board to evaluate new cases. Whatever structure that was able to be restored was due to Berndarin's actions, one of the reasons McGreevy explains he is still respected.

McGreevy then goes on to support his previous written background; he asserted that there are only three aspects of the Sex Abuse crisis that deserve attention and 'emphasis'. First, he states that the Bishops and Priests were the sole cause and reason for the crisis, the media played


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