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The Pygmalion Effect Refers to the Phenomenon .

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Sometimes, having expectations from someone increases the level of effort that he or she puts for his work. The Pygmalion effect refers to the phenomenon when you increase expectations from someone and as a result of this, they tend to perform better. It helps in making people work on their maximum effort so as to motivate them to work in order to gain unimaginable results. If a person has some expectations for a person and that expectation can end up to having a completely changed mindset and thinking style which directly has an effect on the performance of the individual.

It’s been seen that this effect also helps in finding suppressed skills of a person and it boosts up the morale and confidence of the person. Furthermore, it sets the temperament of the person in order to work on similar performance level on every task given to him.

I had this experience when I was in my 12th grade and scored really low marks because of illness. Knowing that these low marks would affect my further education, I became more tensed. At this time my friends were always there with me. They told me that they don’t care about my expectation and made me aware that there are people out there in the world who failed in their schools but become successful in later years and now no one cares about their marks. Knowing that they still have expectations from me and I need to meet their expectation, I decided not to think about my marks but to focus on challenges as they came and finding solutions for it. Their belief in me that I still have that spark in me that I can again stand up and perform well boosted my zeal to work.

Managers can use this effect to increase the morale and strengthen the temperament within an employee so that they can feel they can gain confidence in achieving great heights till their bosses show faith in their work and have certain expectations from them. This kind of working attitude promotes healthy competition and reduces tussle between workers. It creates a healthy path towards organizational goal by confirming all workers are doing their job at their best performance level. By ensuring such environment and working hand in hand, could be a step forward in being the leader than the manager. The leader whom people will follow happily and he himself would inspire others. Rather than its positive it should be well understood that false or unjustified expectation can have significant negative impact.  


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