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Performance Appraisal System with Reference to Optcl Orrisa

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Today organisations are functioning in a highly complex business environment. Now resources limited and competitions are enormous technology is getting absolute very fast, test and performance of the consumer are changing, new laws are coming in the turbulent situation in ordered to service and to grow the organisation has to perform.

Almost every organisation goes through a periodic ritual formally or informally known as performance appraisal. Performance appraisal has been called many things. The formal performance appraisal has been called a tool of management, a control process; an activity and a critical element in human resource allocation .Uses for the performance have included equal employment opportunity. Considerations, promotions, transfer and salary increases. Primarily performance appraisal has been considered an overall system for controlling an organisation regarding the performance of individuals, groups and entire divisions. The performances appraisal has been defined as any personal decision that effect the status of employee regarding retention, termination, promotion, demotion, transfer, increase or decrease in salary or admission into a training program. For this study, performance appraisal has been confined to the formal performance appraisal with the above definition.

An evaluator observes work activities and indicates his/her assessment with an informal content. The main emphasis of this study has been the use of performance appraisal as a tool for employee development.

The study also examined the use of performance appraisal for communicating expectations of both the organisations and the employee. Benefit of communicating with each other was noted.



2. 1. OPTCL

Accumulating losses, tariffs, imbalances, transmission and distribution in adequate and rampant theft had become the common band of power sector virtually in every state in India. It had to be curbed. Someone had to take the lead and set an example. It was Orissa state who came out to take a giant step in the direction of power sector reform. The legislatures of Orissa passed the Orissa electricity reform act 1995 after receiving the accent of the president of India. The state government, Orissa notified on 1st April 1996 as the date on which Orissa electricity reform act 1995 had to come into force

The former monolithic body known as the Orissa electricity board (OSEB) of the state established since 1961 was spitted into GRIDCO in April 1996, OPTCL took over the distribution business of OSEB and OHPC took over the hydropower generation business.

In July 1996 Orissa electricity


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