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How Do Cultural Factors and Cultural Differences Impact on the Effectiveness of Performance Appraisal Systems?

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How do cultural factors and cultural differences impact on the effectiveness of performance appraisal systems?

What are the implications for designing and implementing appraisal systems in multicultural organisations?

Kaylee Puckett

Derya Delmont Annabelle Manning Uxue Cruchaga Ansa


Comparing and contrasting the U.K. and Japanese business cultures on their use of appraisal systems, and how a multicultural organization could modify an appraisal system to fit these cultures

Cultural Differences

 Appraisal systems are an important part of the business

 Core function is to have an open and honest conversation about how management has acknowledged

each employee

 This helps employees move up in the company

 Appraisal system would be neither effective nor well-perceived

 Employees are not rewarded or penalized on an individual basis

 Emphasis on loyalty and seniority

 Remaining loyal and conforming to the company is how employees get promoted

Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

United Kingdom Performance Appraisal

 Performance Appraisal used by almost 80% of U.K organisations.

 Conducted once or twice a year

 Process is normally directed by a line manager

 Purpose is to increase an employee’s performance an efficiency

Conducting an Appraisal in the U.K

 Address the objectives of the job role

 Highlight areas of development

 Discuss and agree what training

and support will be provided

 Rate current performance

 New performance objectives to achieve should be agreed

 Optional to discuss any other concerns or issues

Pro’s and Con’s of


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