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Bus 303 - Human Resources Management - Performance Appraisal

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Performance Appraisal

Becky Cline

BUS 303 Human Resources Management

Instructor: Angela Truman

November 19, 2012

With today’s business environment the employees will represent the organization that has the most valuable assets there is. This means that the organization has a productivity that depends on how they make sure that every person that works for the organization is working are up to their potential. This is why there has to be a solid performance in reviewing the process for the absolutely critical to have a successful company.

Without the employee’s it doesn’t have a clear idea for what is needed for the, and it may not be the aiming or the work towards what goals there is to be contribute to the most long term for the success of any company. In addition the management team will not have any of the information that is needed to recognize and for the reward for the ones that are at the top of their performance.

This will also help protect the company legally for when it comes times to terminate a person of their employment.

When it comes to a really good performance:

- “Give employees an understanding of their individual goals and how they fit into the picture” (, 2010).

- Provide a really good connection between the business with the objectives and the employees with their day to day actitives.

- Make sure that the employees know what they need to except by setting goals, establishing a timeline, tracking their progree, and identifying obstacles.

- Keep a track of the employee’s progress that will go against their performance of the goals so it can be easier to identify the ones that is delivering and contributes to the most of the success that takes place in a business.

- Also it helps to be able to contribute to the ongoing of the satisfaction and the productivity that is recognized and is rewarding to the employee’s that has an exceptional effort.

- This will help to provide a paper trail that will help defend the company that has to go through the legal matters if there is any.

The purpose of an appraisal:

- The most important purpose of a performance appraisal it gives the employee’s a feedback. “This feedback can affect employees in a negative and positive way. So the tone of the manager is important” (Kether, P. M., 2002).

- Don’t even give a surprise of the daily feedback, this might overwhelm the employee and this could


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