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Office of the Director of National Intelligence - Performance Appraisal

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Executive Summery:

The following analysis is a comprehensive overview of my employer, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and its current employee selection and performance appraisal methods.

All intelligence agencies today face a multifaceted range if threats and internal challenges that requires not only a strong leader, but a strong management structure; one that embodies the ability to develop and sustain the necessary analytic capabilities to securely collaborate intelligence efforts within the multicultural world we currently reside in. For the Intelligence Community (IC), it is mission critical to build a workforce as just as culturally dynamic. Such diversity is considered mission essential for the IC, whose operation structure involves the collection of data, collaborating across multiple organizations and interacting with persons of different cultural backgrounds and perspectives. Such an operation requires a diverse workforce that embodies foreign language capabilities and employees that own a strong familiarity of foreign relations, travel and cultural familiarity. Recruiting efforts should echo this multidimensional organization in order to exemplify a fair effort; an open minded determination, reaching beyond gender and race, and persons with disabilities, in an effort to staff and bring in people that own the specific backgrounds, experiences, and specialties required for the organization.

The following analysis integrates our core course and required readings, weekly conferences, and independent research by way of scholarly articles from journals such as the National Civic Review, and the Journal of Science & Public Policy, in addition to information collected romt he website of the ODNI ( This report is intended to detail whether the employee selection and performance appraisal methods used by ODNI pose any potential ethical, legal, or practical issues that could present problems for its managers, the ODNI organization, and the intelligence community as a whole.

II. ODNI Overview

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) is a senior level primarily staff organization that provides oversight to the Intelligence Community (IC). ODNI is staffed with subject matter experts in the areas of acquisition, human resources, collection, management, analysis and senior policy. The ODNI is the place where the efforts of all 17 intelligence agencies are coordinated in an effort to strengthen integration. However, ODNI is also the place where performance management, as it relates to the 17 agencies, is created and referenced.

ODNI was created in response to the findings of multiple Post-9/11 investigations. Many speculate that the results of the including a joint Congressional inquiry and


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