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As Good as It Gets

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Our desire to succeed in our careers, we need to find a right person to coach us especially today's increasingly rapid pace of change and accelerated learning therefore we need mentorship to stay in the competitive career. Mentorship refers to a relationship between two individuals; one more experienced who is referred to as the mentor, who helps the other less experienced individual, referred to as the mentee, (Anderson, 2011). Mentors serve as a catalyst to transform as they instruct, council, guide and facilitate the development of another, (David&Philip, 2009) The mentor-mentee relationship is one of guidance and understanding that leads to professional, as well as personal growth. Due to the nature of our profession, like nursing mentorship has been described as an integral part of the nurse's role. Elizabeth, (2010), identified numerous roles that mentors undertake while guiding and supporting student, some of the most important roles include the following: advisors, role models, coach, problem solver, teachers, supporters, organizer and planner, counselor, and guide.

According to David& Philip (2010), "Mentorship provides a unique opportunity for the healthcare personnel to influence the next generation of professionals and ultimately the development of their specific profession. Mentor inspires, counsels and encourages the mentee in developing their vision for the future and skills needed to advance on a career path. A mentee gains insight and access to new skills and knowledge through the mentor's example and support. Mentorship lies with challenges that the role entails and the realization to see mentorship form both perspectives-the mentor and student, (David& Philip, 2010).Mentoring goes beyond teaching knowledge or skills, or the mere passing on of information; it is a complex nurturing, developing and empowering relationship, that requires mutual learning, sharing, and growing, (Anderson, 2011).


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