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How to Write a Good Paper

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my name is praew. living my life @chulalonkorn university nothing much to say

i enjoy spending my time playing piano reading and biking. im not good at math and science. I choose to study communication arts since i really appreciate in arts and public speaking.

How to Write a Good Paper

1. Do not rely on us to infer that you understand the material; instead, explain the relevant theory and integrate your example with it. A useful strategy would be to pretend that you are explaining the theory to someone who has never heard about it; that is, explain the theories and concepts in your own words.2. When you discuss a theory, be sure to go beyond the definition to consider how, why,

and when the theory operates. Great papers will also discuss the broader implications of these theories and findings (such as potential real-world implications).

3. More is not better. It is better to choose 2-3 theories and to illustrate them with really good examples (for example, 1 social influence theory/concept and 1 group process theory/concept) than to list all relevant examples from the film and describe them superficially. Be sure to explain each theory, how and when it works, and how it your examples illustrate it.

4. You should integrate material from textbook and the lectures in your paper. The most relevant assigned chapters are Myers 6 and 8. You may also find the chapter on persuasion (Chapter 7) to be helpful, but using materials from this chapter is not required. You do not have to cover all of these chapters in your paper, nor are you restricted to these chapters in your explanations.


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