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What Is a Good Business Leader for China Today?

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China had booming economic growth during the past decades, meanwhile more and more new business developments will keep happening in China.

The past few years of rapid economic growth has helped all Chinese a lot, but also brings us the question that what is a good leader for China today.

After interviewing several high level executives in diverse industrial areas in China, as well as combining our own experiences, we've summarized the three key factors to be a good leader in China as below.

Firstly, "RIGHT VISION" . Of course it must be the right VISION. There's an old Chinese saying that "every family has their own problem to deal with"; same as the countries. China has a very unique business environment, which is totally different as the developed countries like US, or developing countries as India. To be a good leader, you have to understand the exclusivity of the China market, as well as to dive into the deeper local government related policies, which may impact your business a lot. With this knowledge, it will help you to set up the right vision, which will lead your team to a bright future in China.

Secondly, "STRONG EXECUTION FORCES". Once you build the Vision and Mission for your team, you must have the strong execution forces to lead your team to complete your tasks. A good leader must be a strong executioner. There are always a lot of accidences and unexpected issues happened, but the leader must grasp the core issues and ignore the abundances.

Lastly, " EXTENSIVE CONNECTIONS". This is the factor with decidedly Chinese characteristics. Connections is useful in the entire world, while it has higher powers and impacts in business environments in China. A good leader in China should pay more attention to make and maintain the connections with your customers, business partners


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