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Business Leaders

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Business Leaders

The article Choosing Business Leaders with Integrity reviews certain points that need to be considered when companies are trying to promote or hire leaders. It proposes five questions: how do they treat those with no power? Can they pass the Carl Sandburg test? What is their "interior" business conversation? Do they occasionally see themselves as part of the problem? Can they make the workplace friendly for artists (Moore, 2012)?

The questions go over some attitudes that can be observed when dealing with an employee. It discusses how people treat others that have less or no power; do they treat them with respect? Do they treat them as valuable individuals? Or do they just ignore them because they represent no benefit for them? Also, the "interior" business conversation tries to understand what the main goal of a leader is; if they are thinking about just solid profits or if they are willing to sacrifice some benefits in order to serve the community or the environment. They inquire about the capacity of the leader when there is a problem. Do they see themselves as part of the problem? Or do they just assume that their entity is perfect and nothing needs to be done to promote improvement. Last, a workplace friendly for artists refers to how the leader lets their employees be creative or express their point of views (Moore, 2012).

I find this article very helpful because it promotes observation of the little details that can make a difference when you are willing to promote or hire someone. Leaders are to be leaders at any time, not when somebody is watching them or when they are dealing with people of interest. The ethical and integral leader needs to be compassionate towards others and be able to recognize that some situations need change or improvement. I can use all these information in my future career especially when I apply for a job or I try to obtain a promotion; my attitude


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