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A Monogamous Relationship

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A Monogamous relationship is the bond, and interactions, between two individuals. Adultery is the act of adding a third party’s emotion into a monogamous relationship. Infidelity therefore manipulates the bond, and leads to personal gain, immorally. When one partner thinks only for their personal gain, it can destroys their partners view of their character and trust. By cheating you not only hurt your loyalty, but also your partners view you and your relationship, or relationships in general.

I have always been a fan of Lee Ann Rimes, until I heard of her homewrecking ways. Her excuse for cheating on her longtime husband, Dean, was that they were “Growing Apart”. Not only did she decide to crumble her marriage with Dean, but her Manstress, Eddie Cibrian, was a young father of two. Not only was Dean crushed, but Eddie’s whole family was torn apart due to their immoral ways.If her and Dean were growing apart, she should have done the mature thing and gotten divorced, and left Eddie and his family in peace. LeAnn’s infidelities resulted in the disruption of Dean’s definition of marriage, while ruining an entire family to only crave her personal satisfaction.

Growing up I’ve always been afraid to live in my mother's shadow, relationship wise. I’ve always been cautious, over thinking everything, when it comes to relationships. When I was seven I was forced to move to Minnesota, permanently, due to the fact my parents were getting divorced. I knew from the start my father was cheating on my mom. He was out late at night, not home in time to tuck me in, and always smelled like fresh lilacs. In Texas, it’s rare to find lilacs unless you were wearing scented perfume, which couldn't belong to my mom because she was sensitive to perfumes. I’ve always hated lilacs, and I’ve always hated my father. My father was the reason I had to move to Minnesota, the reason I had to leave my family, and the reason I hate men. His Infedility changed


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