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Write a Structured Essay, Critically Analysing the Impact of Parenting on Family Relationships

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There are various ideas about how to raise children. Some parents adopt the ideas their own parents used; others gain advice from friends. Some read books about parenting and some take classes offered in the community and it seems that nobody has all the answers. However, psychologists and other social scientists know what practices of parenting are most effective and more likely to lead to positive results for a child's wellbeing and overall life.Ideas about child rearing can be grouped into four styles, Authoritarian, Democratic, Indulgent and Negligent. Each method of parenting holds a vast array of impacts on child development and family relationships. In the following essay each style of parenting will be analysed giving an understanding of the style and its implications on relationships within a family.

Authoritarian parents are demanding and not responsive. An authoritarian style of parenting is based on control. Parents using this approach usually have structure to their parenting with rules and regulations they enforce on their children. Authoritarian parents expect much of their child but generally do not explain the reasoning for the rules or boundaries. Authoritarian parents are less responsive to their children's needs, and are more likely to use corporal punishment rather than discuss the problem. For example, a child that leaves their toys on a staircase will be punished and maybe yelled at; however the parent will not explain the reasons why it is important that the toys not be left on the staircase and instead may just dismiss the problem after punishment. Often communication is closed i.e. parents speak and children listen. Parents that practice Authoritarian parenting are responsible for all decision making and passing of communication this means that the relationship between children and their parents can be negatively affected, especially if coercive power is used. Parenting experts find many positive and negative effects for this parenting style. Positives include: Forcing Value and respect and holding children to high standards and thus accomplishing well in school.Children are believed to be very well disciplined for their lives which had proved to be great for kids with behavioural problems. Parents believe this style of parenting will benefit children as it will protect them and give them a boost into higher society. Negative effects include: Children with this type of parenting may have less social competence as the parent generally tells the child what to do instead of allowing the child to choose by themselves, Low self-confidence and self-esteem and the possibility of the child experiencing anxiety, Future relationships possibly being affected (particularly if coercive power is used). It can also be found that the child may not develop proper life skills or be given the chance to ‘spread their wings' which could result in being harmful to a child's well-being. It is also important


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