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An Essay on Why I Think It Is Unnecessary to Write This Essay

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I wanted to read an essay on this sight to find out what the fall play at my school will be about. I have been working on my acting for years and am a Shakespeare descendant but have always been overlooked by the director because of my quiet nature and her favoritism tendencies. Now I have a new director at my school who is very fair towards all. This is my senior year and my last chance to get a good role.

The play is from the 1600s and is in French so it has been very hard to find any information on it. I finally found an essay on this site about the play, but was not allowed to view it unless I joined this site. And I was not allowed to join this site until I submitted an essay. As I could very easily be plagiarized by submitting and actual essay I have written, and this is wrong and will only lead youths to continue these bad habits in the future, I chose not to.

Hopefully those reading this only did so because they found the title amusing and not because they were looking to plagiarize. If you are, well that is wrong and one day you will actually have to write your own essay and you won't know how to do it. Or you'll be caught using something from this or another site. Though I suppose some of you just want these for extra research or an answer to a homework question, but it's still the same thing. Better to come up with your own ideas.

Well I have most likely written the required 250 words by now so this is the end of this unneeded essay so I can just find out what my fall play is about and figure out what role I should be auditioning for. Thank you for wasting my time essays for students. Good bye.


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