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Write an Essay About Experience from Which You Learned a Positive Lesson.

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Write an essay about experience from which you learned a positive lesson.

It is not so unusual to have encountered a difficult experience in life. Everyone at one time or another has had something difficult to deal with learning from a difficult experience can help turn a negative into a positive. I have had many difficult experiences in my life, and they have not have always produced a positive lesson. However, one very difficult experience which did provide a positive lesson was a recent job experience.

When I started work my communication skill was a not good. Because of that reason and I was new associate, therefore my co-workers didn’t behave good with me. They didn’t like to talk with me. However, I got some great friends too. They helped me a lot. Whenever I needed help they were always there for me. By the time my other coworkers who didn’t like me, they also behaved nicely with me. They also helped me a lot to learn new things. Even our store manager also started to like me. And I was a hard worker, therefore our assistant manager always called me to work when they needed someone. I was working at retail store, and in retail store usually they don’t give overtime to associates. However, they always called me to work overtime. When holidays started, they hired new people. Therefore, sometimes assistant manager told me to assist new associates. However, my senior co-workers didn’t like it. They always keep eyes on me and tried to find my mistakes. so, they could complain about me to manager.

After holidays season finished, they started to give laid off to seasonal team. Though, I was a part of seasonal team. However, they kept me for couple of weeks. After a month of finished holidays they gave me laid off. I was shocked. I thought they kept me. I closely attached with my friends. I wasn’t able to leave them. Right after two days of i left


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