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Relationship Break up Letter

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It is finally the time for me to terminate the relationship between the despicable human creature and me. The purpose of this letter is to declare myself single and free once again. I am now emancipated from the evils and treachery of the creature. That creature is now officially my ex and is now a part of my past. Therefore, to all the available gentlemen out there…do not be afraid to flirt with me.

It is known to every human being that in order for a relationship to flourish, there are some important factors that should exist in the relationship. Among those factors are trust, love, and loyalty. In the start of every relationship, faith is used to promise that those factors will exist during the course of the relationship. If one partner reflects a lack of any one of those factors, the other partner has the right to inform their partner of the issue, or make changes to the relationship. The past actions of my ex prove that he lacks all three factors. To prove this, let me list some of the things he has done.

He has shown a lack of trust by never letting me cook food for him, always thinking that I would poison him.

He has shown a lack of love by never calling me, and making up lame excuses like saying his phone money ran out, or his phone fell into the fishpond.

He has shown a lack of loyalty by having an affair with some random MK waitress!

He has strangled my sister, drowned my brother, stabbed my mother, shot my father, and worst of all – stuffed my dog!

He has pushed me in front of a car, left me stranded on the streets, and destroyed my life completely!

The more times I attempt to settle conditions with this pathetic creature, the more severe his actions become. Boyfriends who have been given second chances…no…countless chances, and take those chances for


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