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Robin Hood Letter

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Robin Hood Letter

18 October 2010

Dear Robin Hood,

This letter addresses the concerns I have with your situation. The current issues that need to be addressed are the following: decision making without discussion with your top lieutenants, the increase in the number of Merrymen, and your financial situation. When making decisions on your own this could lead to unclear decision-making. Unclear decisions could rise to circumstances where potential actions could be ambiguous. Decisions like that can arise for a number of reasons, which you don't want to occur. Here are a few tips to make unclear decisions clear, make sure to be in a good state of mind, define and clarify the involvement of everyone whose involved, be clear on what the decisions are being made, and whether the decisions are made now or can be executed later.

Robin Hood, you must accept responsibility for your own actions on why you have too many Merrymen. This is about the accountability on the growth of your organization to recognize the value and opportunities to create highly accountable Merrymen. Originally, you wanted strength in numbers and the more Merrymen you had the more effective you were against the sheriff's administration. You didn't put enough though in recruiting more people. As the increase began in your organization the less face to face interaction you had with the men. Robin Hood, this would be difficult to enforce rules and regulations on a larger group because of the vigilance that hasn't showed. This suggestion has the ability to function effectively during this critical moment.

The funds that you have set aside in your finical reserves are for emergency case situations . Robin Hood you must think about other options then taking out of reserves. The idea of taxing your allies because of the declining funds needs


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