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How Does the Relationship Between the Manufacturer in This Case (coca-Cola) and the Retailer ( Gerland's) Help Both Companies?

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How does the relationship between the manufacturer in this case (Coca-Cola) and the retailer ( Gerland’s) help both companies?


Because of the relationship Gerland’s help was

Able to translating frequent shopper data into transaction

Sales was increase up to 9.8% in the Houston Fair

the simplicity of the program make them understand the business

Coca-Cola’s help was

increased sales

Position of true marketing partner in retail market

2. What data do retailers with scanners and frequent-shopper cards collect?


Virtually every retailer with a scanner collects huge amounts of data:

Customer purchases

Universal product codes

Number of items

Price, time, and store.

Retailers with frequent-shopper card programs can also tie a transaction to specific households and track purchasing patterns.

Some even know how many children, adults, and pets are in a household.

This data are collected from frequent-shopper card.

4. What information does coca-cola receive from the program?


Coca cola runs 30 different applications for to collect and analyze the data. From the program coca-cola can gather information of the shoppers such as

Frequency of shopping

Time of shopping

Day of shopping

Average basket size

Total spending

Profit generated

Category and

Brand preference

Because of the using of the program retailers provide huge transaction files of information gathered during several months to Coca-Cola’s Atlanta headquarters. At Garland’s for examples Coke analyzed more than 400000 transactions involving 5.7 million items , 32000 shoppers, and 10.7 million in sales.

5. Other than the information it receives, how does Coca-Cola benefit from the program?


Coca-cola get a huge benefit from the program like


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