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The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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The life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is known for his great talents as a musician and composer. Mozart was born in Salzburg Austria in 1756. Raised by a father who was known as a master of the violin and a great composer it was no shock that Mozart’s talents in music started at a very young age.  By the age of four it was already obvious that he possessed tremendous musical talent and at the age of six years old Mozart had composed five short piano pieces that are still played to this day. Once he got to his early teens he had mastered the violin, piano, harpsichord and was writing operas and symphonies. Although he was a man with great music talents whose work is still heard and admired today, his career did not go far. At the very young age of thirty five Mozart passed away.

Amadeus a drama from the 18th century depicts the story of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart told in the eyes of his rival Salieri. This drama was not intended to be a biography but rather capture a story of obsession, envy, and betrayal using historical tales from the lives of these two composers. This film shows the competition for attention and fame between Mozart and Antonio Salieri who were two classical composers that lived in Vienne in the 1700’s.

Salieri very much like Mozart was consumed by music. He wanted nothing more but to be known for the music he produced. Unlike Mozart, Salieri’s father did not support his passion for music. He did not have the natural talent that Mozart was born with. Salieri had to study and work hard for the music he composed. Although he composed beautiful pieces he blames God for blessing Mozart with such skills to produce great music with such little effort. The film Amadeus opens up with Salieri carrying a razor in his hands just after he has attempted to slit his own throat. The scene is gruesome and the way Salieri is portrayed you feel that he might be the villain. Salieri claims to have poisoned Mozart with his lying and dishonesty which then transforms into Salieri in his younger days telling the tale of Mozart.


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