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12 Angry Men Movie Review

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12 Angry Men Movie Review

Camecia Mike

University of Houston Victoria

12 Angry Men was movie about 12 juries that had to decided the fate of a 18 year old boy. They all went in the room set on a guilty verdict except one juror and that was juror 8. The facts of the case presented just did not sit well with him so he did not go with the group and voted not guilty.  

The goal of this group is to unanimously come up with a verdict of guilty or not-guilty.

This 12 group of men were given a particular task which was to decided the faith of a 18 year old boy who was charged with killing his father. According to our text this movie is a good example of task/work groups. In a task/work group there are a few things that must be done for this group to be successful. They must know their purpose which this groups knows their purpose is to come up with a verdict. Process and content of the juror was clear when instructions were given by judge and they were to follow those rules. The system of group such as the leader which would be the foreman, members which were the other 11 jurors and they all had a say in this decision. This group did not have time to build a culture or learn about each other. Although they did learn some of the biases that other jurors had for a certain class of people in particular juror 3. The foreman was a very laid back leader who made sure everyone was heard and respected. He made sure he was fair and kept the peace. But there are 12 assumptions listed in the book that state how a good task/work group is ran.

There are 12 members of this group:

Juror 1 who played the role of the foreman who jeep them in order and on task.

Juror 2  was a very quiet person who took a while to get a voice in the matter

Juror 3 Mad and confrontational, he had a personal bias against the defendant due to a strain relationship with his son.

Juror 4 he was a serious character and wanted to hear the facts of the case

Juror 5 He lived in poverty his entire life and understood the boys story and gave insight on ways to use a switchblade if you have experience with one.

Juror 6 He was very protective when juror #3 was being mean and rude to other juror but he also was unsure of whether the client was guilty or not. He was not worried about deliberating for a long time cause he was a painter and happy to have this time off.

Juror 7 He was only concerned with getting to ball game on time so his vote was whatever the group said he just wanted to make it to the baseball game.

Juror 8 Was the only person who voted not guilty. He was uncertain of if the boy was guilty or not but he did not like how the trial was conducted and the fact that the lawyer did not fight for the defendant. Was the apparent leader of the group


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