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Swot Analysis Starbucks

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5. Using TOWS Matrix below:

a) Identify FOUR (4) elements Internal (Strengths and Weaknesses) and FOUR (4) elements of External (Opportunities and Threats) analysis on the business operation. (16 marks)

b) Formulate THREE (3) workable improved business strategies (SO, WO,ST and WT) in each quadrant in achieving the company targeted goals and objectives. (12marks)



1. Strong Market Position and Global Brand Recognition

2. Products of the Highest Quality

3. Location and Aesthetic appeal of its Stores

4. Customer base loyalty


1. Expensive Products

2. Negative large corporation image

3. American/European coffee culture clash with that of other countries

4. Self-Cannibalization through overcrowding


1. Expanding Product mix and offerings

2. Technological advances

3. New distribution channels

4. Brand extension

SO Strategies

1. Do advertisement about the free internet connections and the excellent service they provide

2. Increase the healthy products into market as the demand for it is high

3.  Increase marketing to the Gen-Y as this generation leads restaurant food/drink spending and is most adaptive to new technologies.

WO Strategies

1. Reduce the price and advertise the products all over the places

2. Do R&D to sell products at supermarkets without reducing the quality with cheap price

3. Using unique orientation to become a leader in the “Green Movement” to raise brand goodwill.


1. Increased Competition

2. Price Volatility in the Global Coffee Market

3. Developed Countries Economy

4. Changing Consumer tastes and lifestyle choices

ST Strategies

1. Change market strategy by reducing the price to compete with the competitors

2. Introduce to more people worldwide

3. Use strong financial position to attack new markets, such as China, and new competitors, such as McDonalds.

WT Strategies

1. Create new complementary products which contain good quality and lower price to attract more customers

2. Analyze the way to reduce the risk of selling its coffee products at supermarkets as customers are demanding for it

3. Increase partner benefits and compensation to retain top talent and safety workers.


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