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Research Proposal - Illegal Immigration

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The dual problem of illegal immigration and illegal immigrants’ impact on the healthcare system of the US should have been the sharp focus of the President’s 2006 State of the Union Address. The message was to deliver stronger immigration enforcement and border protection in order to keep American economy competitive. Illegal immigrants have been attracted to the ease of entry into the mainland and have taken advantage of its abundant wealth and wealth of services at the expense of legal citizens.

Illegal immigrants have increasingly and adversely impacted the healthcare system of the United States. They represent a continuing drain in the system in terms of cost and other resources, which are shouldered by American taxpayers. The aftermath of the Immigration Act of 1990 and the federal government’s open-door declaration to the world have compromised the welfare of American citizens. Legislations have not sufficiently addressed this chronic and worsening problem. Hospital rates in Texas have been raised to accommodate the emergency medical treatment of the immigrants as well as of citizens. Texas has 2 million illegal immigrants it needs to subsidize, for which it claimed almost half of the $7.5 billion annual subsidy from the federal government urged by 6 other States. This drain in health care resources by illegal immigrants is particularly true of Texas and effective steps must be taken to address and correct the situation.

This study will endeavor to establish the countrywide trend in illegal immigration from the early 2000’s to the present, enumerate the measures that have been taken to solve or address the problem, list the arguments for and against subsidizing healthcare for illegal immigrants, determine the extent of illegal immigration in Texas through a survey and assess the effectiveness of current legislations and other measures with the end-view of recommending adjustments or modifications in responding to the problem or crisis.

The results and recommendations of the study are timely and will be helpful as inputs to the decision-making function of legislators and other authorities who have a hand or a say in the management of the problem, particularly in Texas.

Literature Review

Everyday immigrants come into the country illegally in search of the American dream. Some Americans are against it no matter where they’re from or what the circumstances for their migration is, while other Americans are more understanding and get why they left their countries of origin in an attempt to better their lives and the lives of their children. The main reasons why undocumented immigrants are resented by some Americans are that they believe the immigrants could take their jobs, because they believe they don’t pay taxes and because they are using government services that they believe should only


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