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Illegal Immigrants

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In my current event I did some research on the 2013 Immigration Reform happening in the United States right now. Illegal immigrants in my opinion has always been a problem with the government and the United States. I feel as if the government has been trying to do something with this for quite some time.

From what I got from this article, Congress is in the process of the Immigration Reform to not let immigrants in the U.S unless they are legal to enter. It may be dangerous to let them in, because they never know what they can do or bring legally in the United States. From what this article is telling me, seems like more and more illegal immigrants have been entering the United States slowly as time goes by. The reform is pretty much to stop the Illegal immigration from happening here or anywhere.

With the Siberia incident happening, I feel as if the government has made no time to even deal with the immigration reform because they need to figure out what's going on first .When the government has the time in between dealing with Siberia, they should also take care of the immigration problem. Just so nothing bad can happen in the United States and the government will lower the number of Illegal immigrants.

This article I had read was very interesting to me because I didn't know how the government/people thought about all of this happening. The only thing that this whole reform will affect, is the Illegal Immigrants themselves. They might feel frightened from being deported back to their country. It really has no effect on the people of the United States, but maybe just the fact that something bad can possibly happen.

Throughout my reading, I had asked myself various questions. Like who would even think of the immigration reform? How many people will actually support the reform? and How many people will this Immigration reform effect? Is it even ok to do so? In my honest opinion,


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