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The Mastication of the Immigration Nation - Get Illegal Immigrants out of Our Country

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Derrien Maas

Jeff Sturges

English 100

May 7 2012

The Mastication of the Immigration Nation:

Get illegal immigrants out of our Country

At the turn of the last century immigrants were coming from all over the world to get their own chance at the American dream. But the number of dreamers outgrew the allotted amount of people in this country. So eventually the United States made immigration harder, they made it so hard that some would rather cross illegally and face legal reprimand than immigrate legally. With this growth in illegal immigration comes a rise in the amount of crimes they commit. Jailing these immigrants for the crimes they commit has become a very controversial topic. Immigrants should not be jailed at the same extent as U.S citizen’s because, deportation is the proper justice, deportation is cheaper, and deportation is easier on the jail systems.

First of all, Immigrants should not be jailed at the same extent as U.S citizen’s because deportation is the proper justice. When considering this view one accepts that no matter what crime the immigrant commits, the crime they are ultimately committing is being here illegally, and the punishment for that crime is deportation. When an immigrant is in this country illegally they take jobs away from hard working Americans, and they also do this without paying taxes. There are many problems with having these people here illegally but one agreed upon thing is that they shouldn’t be here.

The cost of jailing illegal immigrants is a huge detriment on the United States’ economy. Moreover, to put this insurmountable amount of money that it costs to jail immigrants into perspective, “to have someone on duty for security, it costs $19,663 per inmate per year. That amounts to $53.87 a day. Administration costs are $3,493 per


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