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The Invisible - Impact on Illegal Immigration

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The invisible

Unlike the most well known of the Mexican illegal immigration that the United States government may be focusing on, it may have neglected another group of illegal immigrants that is appearing on the horizon. The population of Chinese immigrants is increasing every year in the United States, and the illegal invasion has become a problem that secretly arises into the American society. Americans and Chinese Scholars estimate that more than 500,000 Chinese have been smuggled into the U.S. since the late 1980s, which makes them the second largest undocumented immigrant group. In China, the exaggerative population has already been causing problems, and the Chinese government has even passed out the One-child policy to limit only one child per family. The reasons for immigration vary in each emigrated family, such as seeing better job advancement, wages, and employment. However, the overall goal is to achieve a better life in the other country, especially for their children. It is also hard for people in China to come aboard, because of the enormous spend to apply for the visa, and also the difficulty of the interview that is hold by the embassy of America for the approval of visa. Therefore, people that do not have the expense to afford going aboard in a legal way, but seek for a better life try to stow away using different ways, such as hiding in a ship container with limited spaces around them to make it through to the other country. One of the example is from reporter, Karri Hunns, “In early hours on April 5, 18 men and 4 women pried their way out of a 40-foot-long shipping container that had arrived in the port of Seattle from Shanghai the previous day after a two-week journey.” (MSNBC news.) Regardless of the ways the illegal Chinese immigrants are using to come to America, they should be regulated by either the federal government or local government. Chinese illegal immigration might be out of hands if the government do not realized the seriousness of the problem, including the influence to the citizen and the effect to the country economically.

Originally, the Chinese immigrants were very welcomed in the United Stats. However, the continuous historical events madden the non-Chinese people in the United States. In less than a hundred years ago, there was no contact between China and western countries. The Chinese were prohibited to teach their culture, such as languages, and send books aboard to other countries. Yet, in 1847 the first Chinese missionary came to the United States for teaching. In 1848 the United States pushed China to open up their trading markets for the westerners, and this historical event led a small portion of the silk merchants to come to the United States. The true cause of Chinese immigration eruption was the California Gold Rush in the early 1850s. A crowd of Chinese came to the United States for the new job opportunities. On the other hand, most of


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