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Research Proposal for Teavana

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Research Proposal for Teavana

A strategic plan is vital for a company to remain strong within its market and make strives forward in its industry. A strategic plan relies on information from the market, stakeholders in the company, and company values and goals. The strategic plan will provide a guide for the company to create and implement plans for current production and plans. A good strategic plan allows a company to implement its missions and visions effectively and helps the company to evaluate its weakness and asset (Pearson & Robinson, 2011).

Company Image and Values

Teavana has created the image of highest product quality and service for tea. Their unique approach to imported and highest quality ingredients creates a unique experience for patrons. The company’s mission statement is “to provide fresh, high quality teas and the products to serve them. And to create a unique tea experience in each store by encouraging a positive, healthy outlook for all who enter” ("Teavana," 2013, para. 4). With any future implementations there can be no affect on the current quality and experience the company is offering. All possible changes must remain mindful of the company’s vision and current customer experience. By retaining these considerations the company will continue with the current customer loyalties while gaining the ability to break into new markets and creating the global recognizable brand.

Proposed Research Outline of Application

1. Executive summary. This will allow an overview of the goals of the plan and the considerations taken.

2. Background of current company struggles.

3. Proposed research. This section will explain the area of the research’s focus and the method to be used for the research.

4. Company’s values. This section will outline how the company’s values and goals will be applied throughout the proposed research.

5. Social and financial considerations. This section will review the current market and consumer environments to ensure regulations


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