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Research Proposal for Criminal Justice

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Research Proposal for Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice refers to a system that assists in detecting crimes, detaining criminals, trying and prosecuting them for their wrong doings. Criminal justice is important because it is the reason why there is law and order in the society. It helps reduce crimes by punishing offenders and discouraging those aspiring to do crimes. The justice system is responsible for ensuring that that the use of the stimulant methamphetamine is under control according to the regulations. In line with this, this paper aims to propose a research on the criminal justice system specifically to establish the involvement of law enforcement officials on the war on methamphetamine, to determine whether a meth counselor can help in the war and to explore the involvement of courts in controlling the addiction of meth. This research is important in assisting in the war against methamphetamine and it will be relevant to the people involved in the war against drug abuse.

Table of Contents



Literature Review        

Hypotheses/Problem Statement        

Definitions of Terms        

Research Design/Methodology        

Research Site and/or Research Subjects        

Sample and Research Design        

Variables and Data Collection Methods        

Reliability and Validity        



Criminal justice is a system that has various types of people involved including the lawyers, police, prosecutors, judges and the accused persons. Criminal justice sums up as the law enforcement system and ensures that all the people living in particular region are safe from crimes that may cause panic and disorder (Rodriguez, Katz, Webb & Schaefer, 2005). There are many different types of crimes that are dealt with in this particular system and they range from drug abuse, robbery, felony and fraud. The study focuses on three matters: the role of law enforcement on the war on methamphetamine, the usefulness of a meth counselor and the role of drug courts to combat meth addiction.


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