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Communication Case

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Communication is essential because it helps people convey their ideas. There are several kinds of communication. They are verbal and non verbal communication. Verbal communication involves speech or words. Individuals using verbal communication are better able to convey their message more effective than those using non verbal communication. Non verbal communication involves signals and gestures. Individuals using this kind of communication they do not use speech and words. They use body language, touch, and gestures. And since I am unemployed I will discuss the following situations. There are a number of situations that non verbal and verbal communication affects such as police situations, courtroom situations, correctional situations, and juvenile facilities. Verbal and non verbal communication can affect the situations below in different ways.

Verbal communication can make it easy for the speaker to convey information to the public. He or she will be able to convey the message effectively by using the correct content and measures. Also, verbal communication can have a negative effect on public announcements if the message isn’t conveyed properly. This will happen if the speaker doesn’t know how to communicate with the public and if they don’t have the facts together. Verbal communication can damage the relationship between the speaker and the audience. In order to use verbal communication, one should speak clearly, use correct English, and keep eye contact with the audience. Most of all gain the respect of the audience. Non verbal communication can also affect public announcement. First, non verbal communication can make it difficult for the audience to understand what the speaker is saying. Non verbal communication only consists of body language and facial expressions and no words. This is because the receiver isn’t able to convey the message the sender is sending. But if the person using non verbal communication are able to use the gestures well


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