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Communication Case

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The topic of this week is globalization and cross-cultural communications which is an issue of great importance since under the current trend of business world it is able to make lots difference if being given sufficient attention.

According to the class, rather than creating a common world, globalization effectively diversifies the differences among the cultures. Transnational corporations are actively selling their products to other countries in search for profit and growth. Because of catering to the preferences of customers in that specific country, companies modifies their goods and services in accordance with the cultural context in the target country. As the slide shows that the modification gains great popularity in their campaign Asia and the Middle East due to their successful cross-cultural communication techniques.

Meanwhile, globalization and cross-cultural communication is also worth noting in Canada. In this unique multicultural country, companies in Canada inevitably need to deal with people from diversified immigrant groups. Effective cross-cultural communication is capable of making the company’s product advantageous in the marketing campaign to a particular cultural group by respecting its preference and value.

There is never a time like today; information communication technology is getting to be the one of the most important aspect of human life. As the evolution of the communication Medias moving forward, our life was greatly changed step by step in the last one hundred years. Proved by history, information is everything; getting a head of others, it can be worth hundreds of billions.

There was once when Britain was still having the war with France, the family of Rothschild won the capital war just because they got the news of success of Britain one night ahead of others, and then Rothschild literally became the owner of Bank of England.

As the evolution of


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