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Communication Case Study on Hsbc

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Corporate social responsibility maintained



Prepared for

Liza Khanom

Lecturer, management Department

Faculty of business administration

Northern University Bangladesh

Prepared by

Name ID

Md. Majharul Islam 100103535

Md. Saiful Islam 100103527

Asif Salman 100103546

Md. Shakawhat Hossain 100103547

Md. Mehedi Hasan (Duke) 100103543

Section: E

Date of submission 4th April, 2011


March 30, 2011.


Liza Khanam


Northern University of Bangladesh.


Subject: Submission of Report's CSR of HSBC bank.

Dear Sir,

It is indeed a great pleasure for us to be able to hand over the result of our hardship of the report on CSR of HSBC Bank. This report is the result of the knowledge which has been acquired from the respective course.

We tried our level best for preparing this report. The information of this report is mainly based on Internet information. Some other details were gathered from the HR personnel of that company. All of us gave our hundred percent for making this report come together.

We, fervently hope that you will find this plan worth reading. Please feel free for any query or clarification that you would like us to explain. Hope you will appreciate our hard work and excuse the minor errors.

With thanks and best regards.

Sincerely yours,

Md. Majharul Islam Md. Saiful Islam Asif Salman

Id- 100103535 Id- 100103527


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