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Communication Case

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Communication is an intricate part of this practical world and it assist with distinguishing our identity on how we communicate. .

Contained by an organization communication has four key roles or functions they are:

Control organization are structured in an hierachies format and provide guidelines in which employees should follow.

Motivation when employers are descriptive on the task at hand to the employees. Employers should provide feedback as well on how appropriately the task was or is being accomplished. Also, how to improve the performance of the task.

Emotional expression allows us through communication to establish relationships, which enables our physical needs to be met.

Information is provide through the organizations by utilizing communication to achieve their goals. Extremely diverse individuals with exceptional communication skills are able to effectively efficiently deliver their message without any confusion on the audience understanding

Social Loafing

The phenomenon that occurs when an individual exert less effort when working as a group member than when working individually. According to research, social loafing exists within a group, it can be dysfunctional or high-functioning. A potential side effect is the lack of satisfaction that a member of a group may experience, there by becoming disappointed at the end of a project. When a member of a group becomes a social loafer, it reduces the team member opportunity to grow in his or her ability and knowledge (Robbins & Judge, para. 1-2, 2011).


Diversity is not only based on demographic, color, gender, or age. It is also based on informational differences, reflecting an individual’s education and experience. In my organization, diversity among


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